#1 Unmanaged VPS Hosting Services Provider 

Is your search still on? Because our top pick for the best web hosting provider is MilesWeb. 

Be it any web hosting type, MilesWeb offers quality over everything.

For one of our websites, we had purchased unmanaged linux VPS hosting. The service included many more things than we expected from a web hosting provider.

If you want to opt for a VPS server but don’t know about it, we are here to guide you. You must be using a shared server currently or possibly researching  VPS server hosting.

In case you are using a shared server, you know that you have outgrown the traffic. There is more requirement of resources and server space. As you share the server space in shared hosting services, you need more privacy.

With time, privacy becomes vital. New websites have fewer requirements, so they go well with a shared server. The moment they start growing, their needs also increase.

A shared server is a perfect choice, no doubt! However, it limits websites from reaching more heights. If you delay switching to a better server, you can also lose rank on Google.

Sometimes the security also impacts visitors’ browsing behaviour. Shared hosting is secured, but not as much as a VPS server is. It offers more safety, as you own a virtual private server with no users around.

Understanding VPS Hosting Services

In VPS hosting, the web hosting provider deploys a physical machine. The physical machine creates multiple virtual servers, and these virtual servers are distributed among many users.

Unlike shared hosting services, you own control over the entire virtual server. You get isolated surroundings where no other user is affecting your website performance.

As you share the server space in shared hosting, there are chances of security threats and lower performance once your website outgrows the hosting. To avoid facing many downtimes, increased bounce rate and other unwanted aspects, you must shift to a better server.

The VPS server provides you authority over the resources and server management. You can look after them as per your preferences.

MilesWeb offers affordable VPS services. As we have experience with unmanaged services, we will share our brief review of them.

First of all, unmanaged services are perfect for technical people. If you know how to handle the server, things get easier. Otherwise, you can also learn the skills. It will not take much time if you practice well.

What happens in managed services is that there is dependency. You have to depend on the support team for everything and wait for their assistance. If you know how to do it, you can look after the server anytime you want. 

You can make changes at any hour and not wait for the support team to do it. Even though MilesWeb provides 24/7 apt human support, there is still dependency.

Plus, you can also save extra money paid for managed plans.

MilesWeb Unmanaged VPS Hosting Services

MilesWeb has served more than 30,000 customers since 2012. They are way too affordable. If you want quality at a lesser price, MilesWeb is the perfect example.

The unmanaged VPS plans range from Rs. 480/m to Rs. 4,545/m after a 25% discount. 

Here’s a list of resources you get with VPS plans –

  • CPU expandable up to 12
  • RAM expandable up to 24 GB
  • SSD disk expandable up to 300 GB
  • Bandwidth up to 2,000 GB
  • 1 dedicated IP address

The 25% discount is valid when you buy any unmanaged VPS plan for at least three years. Otherwise, you may have to buy at a regular cost of the plan. 

We believe three years is a great deal. It is inexpensive and provides a lot of benefits. MilesWeb is also known as best Australian web hosting.

MilesWeb offers many benefits with all web hosting services. Unmanaged VPS plans also come with plenty of features like –

Full root access – You get whole root access and control over server management. You can manage all your databases, domains, sub-domains and other stuff with ease.

The customization is also in your hands. You can customize it as you wish and monitor all activities easily.

Unlimited Email Accounts – With MilesWeb self-managed VPS plan, you can create multiple email accounts. You can use these accounts to send and receive emails regarding business.

Dedicated IP – Your website will have a unique IP address. The IP address is not shared with any other user and secures the web content.

Host Multiple Website – MilesWeb allows you to host as many websites as you want without restrictions. You can host all your websites on the VPS server and let others rent as well.

SSL Certificate – You will benefit from a free SSL certificate with unmanaged VPS hosting plans. The SSL certificate will protect all your data and make it a safe browsing space for visitors.

Does it Take Long to Set Up the Account?

MilesWeb will set up your account immediately after you make the purchase and register with the host.

Final Words

MilesWeb is the best host in terms of quality and affordable services. They have an expert team that is available for support 24/7. If you have queries for your VPS server, they will assist you.

You can get unmanaged plans for as low as Rs.480/m after the discount. If you purchase for three years, you are eligible for the discount.

Every bit of resource is yours, and you can make the most of it.