4 Creative Business Ideas That Use Laser Cutting and Engraving

It is becoming common for the creatively inclined to buy their own laser machines and use them to start businesses. Millions of hobbyists, artists, and professional artisans have begun to understand the devices’ nearly unlimited creative potential. Lasers can produce details that even the most skilled artist could not manage, and projects are no longer bound to the area within the corners of canvases or pieces of paper.

As users continue to explore new uses for the technology, many have harnessed their new knowledge and skills to create unique businesses. Some of the most popular laser-based enterprises offer detailed wood projects, intricate puzzles, and elaborate greeting cards.

  1. Laser-cut Wooden Business Cards

Business cards are as useful and popular as ever, but many customers struggle to find eye-catching styles that will allow their message to stand out from the crowd. With that need in mind, some enterprising entrepreneurs have invested in their own laser machines and begun creating wood business cards. Lasers have such a delicate touch that owners can use them to produce eco-friendly business cards engraved with any information clients choose. Cards are bio-degradable, beautiful, and unique.

While laser cutting machines are not cheap, good-quality models pay for themselves. That is why many start-up business card designers check Boss Laser’s BBB profile and then buy a small, high-quality machine from the company. There are models to suit every need and budget, and laser devices can be adapted for a wide range of projects.

  1. Engraved Wood Phone Cases

Just as artisans can use lasers to add precise lettering and images to wood business cards, they can also adapt machines to create custom wood phone cases. Buyers can order custom designs and any message they want on their cases. Wood phone covers are protective, sturdy, and easy to hold.

  1. Laser Cut 3-D Puzzles

Puzzles created by intricately cutting small pieces of wood or cardboard have been around for a while and are in demand. However, many customers do not realize their favourite puzzles were created using laser technology.

The puzzles are ideal for start-up businesses because laser machines can quickly make complex designs. Operators can often create an entire puzzle from a single piece of wood. Business owners can offer a range of designs that include waterwheels, trucks, and motorcycles.

  1. Pop-up Greeting Cards

There is a steady market for laser-created pop-up greeting cards designed much like the pop-up books children love. Operators can produce incredibly elaborate card designs using laser technology. Companies such as LovePop have created an entire brand of gorgeous cards based on this idea. The business offers greeting cards that feature anything from pop-up cherry blossom trees to flower bouquets.

Because lasers use a non-contact method to create designs, they are ideal for working with materials as fragile as paper. Lasers allow artisans to create virtually any design they can imagine.

Many hobbyists, artists, and artisans are using personal laser machines to turn their skills into profitable businesses. While there are hundreds of different laser-created products, some of the most popular include wood phone cases and business cards, 3-D puzzles, and intricate pop-up greeting cards.