Benefits of Hiring Company Secretarial Services in Singapore

Why should you hire company secretarial services? What are the benefits? Here are the reasons you should consider hiring secretarial services after the completion of your Singapore company registration.

Better Skills and Experience

Secretarial services specifically hire professionals who are fit to be secretaries for every company. Plus, the secretaries from secretarial services have experience working with companies of all size and types. They know the different secretarial duties like the palm of their hand. So, you can expect excellent results every time they take the helm.

More Savings

Secretarial services do the tasks in a lesser budget than an in-house secretary. As you won’t be handing work contracts or benefits, you also don’t need to worry about the high salary of skilled secretaries. You only have to pay for the work that the secretarial service does. With secretarial services taking a lesser budget, they are popular and preferred among startups and SMEs.


Company secretarial services are in a very competitive business. They need to outshine from the rest to get clients. So, their services are reliable. As they will be raving good reviews, they give their best to your company every time. On the other hand, when you hire your own secretary, they may sometimes be unable to fulfil some tasks because of the lack of knowledge or experience. That won’t happen with company secretarial services

Regulatory Requirements all Done

Singapore has in place a lot of regulatory requirements for companies. Furthermore, a secretary is responsible for keeping track of most of these requirements. Hiring a secretary without much experience can cause them to miss out on the regulatory requirements. The situation can become very bad in such cases, as you may have to face a possible lawsuit.


Many companies in Singapore are forced to hire a secretary even if they don’t have a lot of operations. The thing is that secretaries won’t work at minimum wage. So, even if you hire a secretary who is still new, you need to spend a lot of money, some unnecessarily if it is fair to say that secretarial responsibilities in your company are far less. With secretarial services, you pay on a task basis. You ask them to fulfil a job for you, and they charge you only for that.

Safer Bet

Once you hire a secretary, you will have already invested a lot of time and money. If it turns out that they are not good enough to remain your secretary, even by the time of you firing them, you would have lost a lot of your resources. Sometimes, when you fire a worker, you may have to face legal issues. Hiring an employee isn’t only expensive, but comes with its own risks of being the wrong choice. With secretarial services, you can discontinue your service ticket when you want.


Finally, with a lot of secretarial services in the market, you won’t need to make a compromise on the work quality. As a lot of service providers in Singapore offer great services even at modest fees. Furthermore, hiring and finding them is very easy. On the other hand, hiring employees isn’t easy. You have to post vacancies, organize interviews, conduct research, etc.