Buying You Tube Subscribers? You need to read this…

When you decide to buy real youtube subscribers then it means that you are looking forward to incorporate video optimization as part of your new SEO skills. YouTube use is fast growing and currently it ranks as the second largest search engine. So, tapping the revenues that your website can draw from youtube traffic is a gold mine that you shouldn’t miss. So, how can you turn your facebook channel into an oil field? How can you make use of the videos and the snippets if you already have more than 1000 subscribers? Well, we are going to share with you something that no SEO expert will tell you. For instance, it is always productive to engage in whatever many players in the industry have ignored for a long time.

In other words, your youtube channel can be your SEO backbone, something that will really pay off if you take the following video SEO tips into consideration:

  • Optimize all videos you upload

Before you buy youtube subscribers, you need to think and learn about optimizing all the videos you intend to upload first. Remember, Google uses your title, description and tags to figure out what a video is all about and how it is related to the website.  Uploading videos on a You Tube channel is one thing, but getting it optimized for viewing across all platforms is another thing.

  • Use video featured snippets

You would not be the first one to use video-featured snippets because it has been there for a while and you’ve probably come across most video snippets in search results. However, with the hope of making it greater for your website, we recommend that you take advantage of Reintroduction to Featured Snippets by Google, which jumps you straight into the part of the video that depicts your search. That way, internet users will find your videos useful and helpful.

  • Organize content into discrete sections

Without thorough content organization, we wouldn’t make it far with Google interpreting the video and using different clips for snippet. Therefore, it shall be your duty to make sure that any uploaded video is useful, elaborative, and organized content-wise.

  • Provide transcripts for all videos

Subscribers and new visitors must feed from word to word understanding of the content of the video and therefore a video caption may not be enough. Therefore, you must always ensure that you upload all videos with their transcripts. It would also be best if you provided translationoptions at the bio, in any case your channel may attract people from areas such as France or Italy. When a subscriber feels like you are creating something solely for their consumption, they’ll likely watch more of your videos because they don’t need to look for a translator from somewhere else.

  • Continue growing the YouTube channel

When you constantly buy 1000 subscribers, you’ll be growing your channel. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the interest, and the fact that it is now owned by Google, makes it better. Moreover, YouTube is growing day by day and people are now resorting to search on YouTube than ever before. Well, what do we think about this? Growing a YouTube channel and optimizing the contents accordingly isn’t a miscalculation in as far as getting more traffic from SEO is concerned. Moreover, most marketers are lazy to do it and you shouldn’t be lazy too! Moreover, 55% of all Google search results contain at least one video, and the videos are from YouTube.

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