Challenges You May Face as a Web Hosting Reseller

Over the last decade, Reseller Hosting has evolved as a profitable business due to the increase in the number of organizations opting to strengthen their online presence. While there are several hosting companies offering good web hosting plans, they are generic in nature and not tailored to the requirements of a specific segment. Hosting Resellers, on the other hand, cater to a much smaller market segment allowing them to offer customized plans and personalized services. Further, the low initial costs and ease of setting up the business has led to many individuals and organizations starting a web hosting business. However, the Web Hosting Reseller business is not without its obstacles. Today, we will discuss some common challenges faced by resellers around the globe.

  1. Clients suddenly need more resources

A Hosting Reseller always keeps some resources in reserve to meet the increase in demand from his existing clients. This includes bandwidth, disk space, etc. While allocating the reserves, the Hosting Reseller will keep a modest increase in demand in mind. However, we live in times when one post going viral on a social media platform can cause an exceptional spike in site traffic, leading to a sudden increase in demand for more resources. If multiple clients request for additional resources at the same time, managing them can be a challenge. Hence, you must ensure that you take regular backups and choose a hosting provider who can ensure that you can add resources seamlessly without any downtime.

  1. You receive multiple new account requests at the same time

For the success of any business, planning is essential, and Reseller Hosting is no different. As a reseller, you work hard to keep your existing clients satisfied and spend time and money on marketing activities to source new clients. Based on market research and your own experience, you have an idea about the resources that you will need to service your existing clients and manage the new ones too. However, if a situation like the current pandemic happens, and there is a sudden rise in the number of websites and blogs being launched, you can receive an unprecedented number of hosting inquiries. If you don’t have the resources to service them, then either you deny the opportunity or opt for a sudden upgrade. While losing out on business is not recommended, sudden upgrades can be costly and disrupt some other expenses that you might have planned. Hence, always ensure that you upgrade your resources in a planned and systematic manner to avoid such sudden costs.

  1. Server Downtime

Undeniably a nightmare for hosting providers, a server down scenario means back-to-back calls with irate clients demanding an update. Hence, we always recommend Hosting Resellers to look for a hosting provider that offers a 99.9%+ uptime assurance so that these instances are minimal. However, if you are faced with such a situation, remember that for your clients, you are the web host. Handle the situation professionally and avoid over-committing. Also, as soon as you have any update, inform your clients.

  1. Client Support

Client Support does not receive the kind of importance it should. Imagine using a service from a brand offering excellent features. You face one glitch and contact customer support but have a disappointing experience. Will all the good features be enough to maintain the brand image? Probably not. Many new Hosting Resellers suffer losses since they don’t pay enough attention to client support. Ensure that you have mutually agreed response times for different queries and stick to them. If a client has a problem, keep in constant touch and apprise them of what you are doing to solve their problem at regular intervals.


While a lot has been said about the ease of starting a hosting business, you also need to be aware of the challenges that you might face to prepare yourself accordingly. The market has always been unforgiving, and consumers don’t usually offer brands a second chance. Hence, go through the points mentioned above and remember to remain professional in your approach while handling any unprecedented challenges. Good Luck!


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