Corporate Event WIFI Services

Trade Show Internet’s ISP commitment: to provide you and your participants with world-class Internet connectivity at present, Internet access at corporate events is a necessity. Not a luxury but the Internet is a basic necessity which should be available for the duration of the event and work perfectly well. Despite the common availability of wireless Internet and Wi-Fi, installation and administration of the infrastructure are far from easy. The WIFI Internet, the exclusive service provider for sales and corporate events, is a highly skilled team of network engineers with state-of – The-art equipment.

At the Trade Show Internet and the latest IT and WLAN equipment, we use years of industry experience and an excellent network engineering team to ensure that your corporate or business education is carried out online confidently. Furthermore, we offer our commitment to offering the best WIFI Internet service possible for all courses, sales meetings and corporate events in order to guarantee the contract. If you make sure that your events or sales staff have reliable Internet connections, you have found the right corporate event internet setup experts. Welcome to CONNECT’s Internet Trade Show.

We are responsible for every aspect of your network and provide all wireless network services in one fact. A website service for your event that includes everything from the design, installation, and administration of the full network, through hardware leasing and bandwidth.

Trade Show Internet has been providing Wi-Fi to events with Google, Facebook, GitHub, Nike, MTV, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Disney, Nintendo, Nissan, Toyota, etc since 2008. Our WIFI installers can cover whether you’re looking for temporary website bandwidth, WIFI connectivity, wired Ethernet drops or a dedicated network engineering team at a conference, an event or a business show.

Since 2008, Trade Show Internet provides corporate internet setups & WiFi connectivity for the events of Google, Facebook, Github, Nike, MTV, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Disney, Nintendo, Nissan, Toyota and many more. Whether you are looking for temporary Internet bandwidth, WiFi internet connectivity, wired Ethernet drops, and a dedicated on-site networking team at a convention, special event or trade show -all your event Internet connectivity requirements can be handled by our event WiFi installers.

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