Easy and perfect repair of the Transformers

Depending on the type of repair, type and power of the transformer, various equipment, devices, equipment and materials are used. During the repair process, they cannot always be quickly made or received. To avoid delays, they are delivered to the repair site in advance. For example, to start a major overhaul with a change of windings, the following should be prepared: metal scaffolding, scaffolds, a device for removing and packing the windings, an apparatus for electric soldering, slings for lifting the transformer and the active part, a baking sheet for the active part, basic materials and spare parts. Visiting http://www.surplec.com will be perfect here.

The Right Amount

A significant amount of preparatory work is the preparation of transformer oil. Since the oil has to be replaced with a new one or an old one cleaned, oil and oil-cleaning equipment is delivered closer to the repair site, oil pipelines are laid, a tank is used to drain the oil that was in use, oil-cleaning equipment is installed and connected (centrifuge, filter press, zeolite installation) . At the same time, special attention is paid to fire safety measures and providing the workplace with fire-fighting equipment.

The Best Quality

The quality of repair and labor productivity depends on the correct organization of the workplace by an electrician. When rationally placing equipment, devices, tools and materials at the repair site, the least expenditure of forces is achieved, unproductive time is eliminated, and work safety is ensured.

  • With proper organization of the workplace, it contains only those materials and tools that are needed to perform this type of work; tools, materials and devices are at the workplace at a distance convenient for use; at the same time, those that are used more often are closer, and those that are used less often – further.
  • Tools and fixtures are placed in different drawers of the workbench: small and often used in the upper, and heavier and rarely used in the lower. Large appliances are placed on shelves and in designated areas. Measuring instruments are stored in a special box in boxes or cases and after use they are wiped, lightly lubricated and carefully laid in place. At the workplace, tools are placed in a strict order, they are not placed on top of each other and on foreign objects, they are protected from shock and dirt. At the end of the work, tools, fixtures and materials are removed.

The Workbench

The workbench should be equipped with a bench-drilling machine, an electric sharpener, a vice and contain the set of tools and devices necessary for repair.

Materials are placed in separate cabinets, drawers, spare parts – on racks; technical documentation is stored in a desk or in a bookcase. At the workplace near the active part and the tank, small (safe) voltage sockets must be installed to turn on portable lighting lamps.

Quality Control Of Repair Works

Under the conditions of technological progress, a systematic introduction of the latest technology in the repair of transformers, its implementation at a high organizational and technical level with high quality and minimal labor and material resources is provided for. This is achieved by introducing new equipment into production, automation and mechanization of work, improving technological processes, raising the technical and cultural level of repairmen.

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