Examples of How to Write an Appealing Author’s Bios

Shopping trends have changed quite remarkably these days, as people are looking for solutions to their requirements on the internet. In order to reach out to the targeted audiences, bloggers or guest writers will need to write engaging author’s bio on each post that is published. 

It can make a difference in how potential readers, as well as your existing customers, think about you, and your blog, or website. If you own an eCommerce store, then guest posting on high authority blogs can help you attract more traffic. They will visit your store or buy your new products. 

You will also need to install the WordPress author biography plugin to help create the author’s box with ease. Simple Author Box allows the writers to show their name, gravatar, description, website, and social icons. You can even customize the author’s box to blend with your theme design. 

How to format an author’s bio?

  • Write in the third person’s voice
  • Keep it under 120 words
  • Add recent or relevant acknowledgments
  • Add social proof

Author’s bios allow the writers to build a trusted relationship with the readers. Therefore, always write relevant details about yourself. If you are writing tech blogs, then mentioning a USA vacation tour is irrelevant. Be pertinent like mention your technical education or a worth mentioning training course. Write facts about you, which you can prove. Be creative in describing yourself and share information that validates your expertise in your niche. Even add an HD photo that gives the blog a human touch. 

Examples of writing an appealing author’s bio box

Evoke curiosity

Cleverly crafted bio including interesting details related to the writer –

‘Jack Smith is a blogger, writer and a gentleman living off-grid in County Melbrooke with his wife, two sweet kids, farm animals along with his huge stamp-collection. Check his dark fiction novel Green Alien in the Woods or subscribe to his blog for free books and updates.’

It helps to create an intriguing image of the author and evokes the curiosity of the readers. 

Add fun

You can even make it funny, because humor is subjective.

‘Gracy Hopkin is a marketing pro in the real world and a creator of plugreboot.com. If you wish to go on a learning spree about effectively marketing your business without doing stuff that could embarrass your boss, then download her free eBook: Sales Way for Efficient Seal Deal.

Reading this bio will make readers laugh, as they identify your most private feelings echoed in the statement, which feels genuine. 

Speak their language

‘As chief editor at Cinders Blogger, John Duster helps readers learn blogging ropes, improve their writing skills, as well as discover a unique voice that makes a difference in the crowd. 

The bio is clear, to the point, and focused on results. He uses words like ‘improve their writing skills’ or ‘makes a difference in the crowd’ directly targets aspiring writers’ rooted desire. He actually speaks in their language.

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