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Low-speed websites are a turnoff, right?

When websites grow, their requirements also increase. If you noticed any change in the speed or performance of your website, this article is for you.

When we start from scratch, hosting services as shared hosting works well. As you grow, traffic increases, you receive more sales, the need for a better plan or web hosting services becomes vital.

Generally, websites move to VPS when they are using shared hosting services. After a period, the need for more resources and privacy becomes the main concern. Plus, sharing of the server space can result in certain risk factors.

To get better in every area, users choose to move to a better server. You must be using a VPS server too.

As you know, dedicated hosting offers more amount of resources than a VPS server. You get a virtual private server while using VPS hosting. But here, a dedicated server gives you complete isolation.

Your server is not virtual but physical. Plus, you have more server space to increase productivity which results in better output.

If you have been using VPS hosting services for a long time, try switching to dedicated hosting. It has a lot more to offer in terms of high-quality features and resources.

No doubt that VPS hosting offers amazing features. It is still not as powerful as a dedicated server. You can consider VPS as one floor in an apartment. Where the entire floor is yours, and you don’t share it.

On the other hand, a dedicated server is like the whole apartment. You don’t share any of the floor, flat and resources with any other users. Everything belongs to you only.

You get plenty of resources and features with dedicated hosting services that helps in consistent business growth.

If you want to encourage more sales, engagement and brand identity, dedicated hosting works really well.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting Services

Unlike shared hosting, you don’t share the dedicated server among thousands of users. A dedicated server is a committed server. It is yours in every sense.

You can control, customize, and do anything you wish on it without a second thought. The server’s control is in your hand. That means you have entire access to your server and its resources.

The number of resources you get here is more than any shared or VPS hosting. It is a powerful server after all, and it has the ability to handle a lot of traffic.

Once your website outgrows the traffic, it is time you switch to higher and better hosting.

Where can I Find the Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting Services?

Plenty of companies offer dedicated servers. However, you might get them at an expensive rate. MilesWeb is one of those hosting providers that provide quality dedicated hosting services at reasonable prices.

MilesWeb is a leading provider in the hosting industry. It serves thousands of dedicated users every month. You will not have to invest too much as they are an inexpensive hosting company.

The company focuses more on valuable services. They will help you gain a grade on the internet. If this is not convincing enough, I don’t know what is?

MilesWeb web hosting services have many plans under each hosting service. If you are opting for dedicated servers, then there are more than ten plans under dedicated hosting.

The first plan starts at Rs. 6,999, which is the lowest price you will find. Plus, you get quite a lot of features with the same.

Depending upon the need of the website, you can opt for the best suited dedicated hosting plan.

Advantage of Choosing MilesWeb Web Hosting Provider

Host Unlimited Websites – You can host multiple websites when you purchase MilesWeb’s dedicated server. The server is all yours so, you can move all your websites from other hosting to the dedicated hosting and even rent it to your clients.

High Security – Security is the primary factor. As you don’t share the server and its resources with others, privacy is maintained.

Furthermore, the risks of threats lower down to zero with dedicated server hosting.

Reliability – You can expect high reliability for heavy web applications and resources. MilesWeb also provides full SSH root access so you can manage web activities and other server related stuff.

Configuration and customization are also simple. You can install heavy applications hassle-free and run a smooth website.

Service Level Agreement – MilesWeb pledges to provide an uptime of 99.99% through an SLA process. Very few hosting companies guarantee an uptime of 99.99%. It is the highest among all hosting providers.

The availability of your website is MilesWeb’s responsibility. They also provide managed dedicated hosting services. If you ever want the company to look after your server, you can reach the sales team.

Some more features are shown below.

Does MilesWeb Have Any Backup Services?

Yes, MilesWeb offers data backup services. For that, you can contact the sales team via chat or email.

Wrap Up

Dedicated servers offer a lot more than shared or VPS hosting. A VPS server also provides an isolated environment, but it is like a small part of a dedicated server.

You get the complete physical machine when you purchase dedicated hosting services. All resources are 100% yours, and you don’t share with others.

MilesWeb is an affordable host. The company will provide you with apt services and help you grow even more.