Guides To Street Photography

Street photography has become the new fashion, as lucrative, exciting, and adventurous as it can be, it does not leave the beginning photographer without fear and freezing moments more so for an introverted personality. Despite the concern and nervous moments, what better way can we learn but through patience, time, and some techniques which have over time been tested and found helpful.

These guides include:


You should practice street portraiture. This is merely requesting permission to take someone’s portrait on the street. It builds your confidence around strangers, and interestingly, people love to be the center of attraction. The adventure itself is easy, quick, and often marked by excitement, especially when you approach people with flashy outfits and scenes which might not need an image enhancement software to beautofy.

Pick a spot

Picking a spot is a very safe way of getting the attention to you and capturing moments without being lost on which moments to capture or feeling like you are invading someone’s space. Choosing a beautiful and bold background are an added advantage.


The type of lens you employ for this job either gets people staring at you and making you lose confidence, or it increases your speed, makes you unnoticeable and helps you have a swift photographic session. Rather than settle for 70-200 lens, you can opt for a prime wide-angle lens which is sizeable.


Considering your location and crowd, you can practice shooting from the hips, as it does not require you looking through the viewfinder. Keeping your camera out the view, say strapped to your wrist at your side can make you unnoticeable too.

You can also pretend to be a tourist taking background shots while you get your pictures. Tourists tend to be treated with some level of tolerance. While doing your clicking, you could be perplexed at the number of people on a standstill watching you, maintain the confidence which promotes you, and reduces the attention while your nervousness can attract probing eyes.

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