Here’s a Quick Introduction to Server Hosting

One very crucial part of establishing any business today is to have a digital infrastructure. This includes having a website, email systems, data storage space, and more. Erecting a robust technological framework requires substantial capital and time investment. Or you could simply outsource all your requirements to a server hosting service company. Let us understand today what a dedicated server in India is, its need, and importance for your business. 

What is Server Hosting?

A form of IT service, that is offered by several cloud service providers, server hosting gives you access to several software and hardware resources to store and serve your website, media files, etc. All the resources are purchased and managed by the service provider, who offers monthly subscription plans you can choose. 

This model aims to offer businesses and individuals, especially ones with a shoestring budget, best of everything. It helps them to reduce overhead costs, such as purchasing of space and equipment, labor, maintenance, etc., and yet have access to quality service. 

Why Opt for Server Hosting?

Today, more and more companies are choosing to outsource their IT requirement to a third-party service provider. Thisoffers the following benefits to its users:

  1. Quick turnaround:Building an IT infrastructure from scratch can take months. This could cause a delay in your pre-laid plan to reach the market. However, when you opt for server hosting, you can configure, launch, and do a test run in just a matter of days. You can utilize the time to repair any chinks and deliver them to your consumers at a much faster pace. 
  2. Transparent and predetermined cost:Investing in purchasing software and hardware resources for your private facility is unnecessary as the value of your products depreciates over time. However, by choosing a server hosting service you pay a fixed monthly cost. Plus, you get access to state-of-the-art facilities including 24 X 7 customer support to manage your needs. 
  3. Easy upgrade: Having a server hosting service means you do not have to access your requirements for a foreseeable future and then accordingly arrange for it. You can just pick and choose elements to meet your requirement and then upgrade when the need arises. 

Server Hosting Types 

Broadly speaking, server hosting can be classified into four categories: 

  1. Shared hosting: In this type of hosting, one physical server and all the resources associated with it are divided equally amongst the users. This is ideal for a beginner level website and young businesses that do not have a large amount of traffic coming. Shared hosting does not offer a very high-level of security or upgrade options. 
  2. VPS hosting: This is a variant of shared hosting with the difference that the resources are not divided equally but rather are reserved for each user. This allows them to run their OS, applications and gives them a higher level of control. 
  3. Dedicated hosting: Dedicated server in India offers exclusivity i.e. one server’s resource is allocated to just one client. Users can fully customize the available options and get the best of security features. Although they are required to pay a premium for the service. 
  4. Managed hosting: Managed servers offer a form of shared hosting service where the service provider is responsible for managing and upkeep of the server including security, software updates, hardware repair, and more. 

Whether you have a new business or an established one, it is best to go for a server hosting service and use your time and effort to build your business.

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