How Tiktok Marketing really works for You

TikTok is one of the fastest growing marketing platforms in the world. But how will TikTok be harnessed as an effective part of a multi-channel influencer marketing campaign?


With the explosive popularity of TikTok, its commercial opportunities have begun to appeal to marketing professionals and brands. TikTok is a new channel where it is still possible for pioneers to gain a strong foothold, gain an excellent share of voice for the brand and reach new audiences. Depending on the target group, TikTok is definitely worth harnessing for a multi-channel influencer marketing campaign. For that you would need the best marketing agency.

In addition to lip-synching, challenge and dance videos, TikTok nowadays also features more traditional narratives such as comedy, football, lätkä, travel and video blog content familiar from YouTube. To stay on the map of what’s “trending” on the platform now, you need to use the app regularly – this week’s hit story may no longer be a relevant thing to do next week. So you should download TikTok and take a look at what kind of content, for example, Herbalist, Tuure Boelius and TubeTour or Samsung are producing for the platform.

Checklist for starting a commercial TikTok campaign:

  • Consider setting up your own TikTok account for the brand or commercializing through influencer channels.
  • Check the demographics of the influence followers. Where does the audience come from? Even Finnish TikTok influencers can reach millions of followers, but only a fraction of these from Finland.
  • Take advantage of TikTok’s own challenges (in the Discovery menu) and e.g. A duet feature that engages followers effectively. However, be sure to trust the influencer when needed – when he or she has the best knowledge of things that interest his or her audience and followers.
  • Follow popular hashtags, don’t be afraid to test different tags on different content.
  • Remember that the text must fit 150 characters.

Check that you have access to the music!

At the very least, the app doesn’t yet have the ability to make direct control out of the content, so proper campaign planning is important for results.

Remember # commercial cooperation

In TikTok, creativity is an asset in the midst of a huge offering. Common videos in the app include various lipsyncs, duets, art and trick videos, and challenges. For example, the dance moves of the hugely popular Fortnite game have been much described in the past, and currently one of the most trendy challenges is model walking, the idea of ​​which is to walk in the style of top models to the beat of music. Among the Finnish videos, scenes from Hidden Lives or Moomins stand out.


TikTok’s age limit is 13 years, and its content is not suitable for the youngest in the family. Videos may contain rape or sexually explicit language or other harmful content. We therefore recommend having an open discussion among young people about what kind of content is worth and should not be produced. Used properly, TikTok is a really fun and creative place to spend time, and I recommend everyone to get to know TikTok’s content with their own eyes.