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The online marketing, refers to any form of marketing, whether online or on the Internet. It’s about selling products and services online. Digital marketing, or web marketing, means all kinds of electronic marketing: websites, mobile applications, social media, keyword advertising, display or banner advertising and, for example, electronic direct marketing. Often, digital marketing is directly linked to social media or various Google services, but it is certainly a much broader entity. One aspect of online marketing that has gained great popularity in recent years is content marketing.

Part of a larger entity

Digital marketing is an aspect of a company’s marketing that is sometimes treated as a completely separate part, but increasingly it is embedded in other business marketing. This is how marketing is treated as a whole. This is a good solution as digitalization is almost always present in the everyday life of Western consumers. More and more people are searching for information online, buying services and being in contact with one another across the network. In addition to people, objects are also increasingly connected to the web.

Popularity growing

In recent years, digital marketing, online marketing, online marketing and social media have been gaining popularity among advertisers. As large masses of consumers find their way to online and social media, advertisers are naturally also interested in the opportunities it offers. And that’s no wonder: In social media channels, marketing and advertising can be targeted more precisely based on the recipient’s interests than anywhere else. In addition, advertising in the digital environment reaches the recipient almost anywhere within the network’s coverage area.

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Most people use Google to search for information on the Internet, and very many companies use search engines to market their business. However, very often it is not completely clear to people what they see in search results – let alone how things appear in those search results. That’s why here’s a little summary of what a standard Google text search results page contains and why. Some of this search result is shown below.

Search results

Paid Search Results, i.e. Search Engine Ads (Google AdWords Ads)

Search engine ads appear (very simplified) in search results, depending on what keywords they want to appear and what Google has been offered to pay for a click. Note that the keywords in the ad title, body text, and web address that appear in the search phrase are in bold.

The title of the natural (so-called organic) search result

With this title text, Google takes the page that appears in the search result, in the “Title” field of the metadata. The title field is the most important indication to Google about what this page is talking about. Note that the keywords in the title are in bold.