Start Accepting Payments with Credit Card Processing Merchant Account in the USA  


Are you struggling to earn more profits in your business? Do you think selling merchandize is tough owing to the competition that exists out there? Maybe it’s time you change your approach and modernize & automate payment processing. Whether you own an online store or any other business, a recurring credit card payments services in USA can be your key to success.

Worried if online payments are safe at all?  

Every other day we come across news about credit card frauds. It is, therefore, natural to feel slightly nervous and unsure of whether to accept online payments or not. Of course, you want to protect your business and your customers from potential frauds. With online credit card payments, you can rest assured for the risk is minimal here. In fact, safety & convenience are the two most compelling factors that motivate most merchants to go for Recurring Credit Card Processing in USA. Your merchant account comes with the assurance of:

  •         100% secure & secure transactions
  •         More profitability in the least efforts
  •         Boosted trust & confidence among customers
  •         Hassle-free, quick payments anytime, anywhere

As most customers now prefer shopping online and paying online rather than going the cash way, you will eventually open up countless business opportunities with your online merchant account. So, set up your credit card processing merchant in USA and start accepting payments online.

Want to know more about the merchant account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account that lets merchants accept credit/debit card payments from customers, suppliers, vendors, etc. When your customers use a credit/debit card to shop for a product/service, the money is deposited first in the merchant account and from there it is safely transferred to the business bank account of the merchant. In short, a merchant account serves as a mediator between your business bank account and the networks/banks that have issued the credit or debit card. Hence, it is quite easier and safer to accept payments through credit, debit cards, gift cards, and other online payment methods.

Your merchant account will help you receive payments safely, securely, and quickly directly into your business account. This usually takes two business days. Your online merchant account provides your customers with more payment options when shopping merchandise from your store. This adds to the trust & confidence among customers while allowing them to shop conveniently. However, you will need to set up your credit card payment gateway in USA to accept payments through your merchant account.

Understanding the need of credit card payment gateway in USA

Credit card payment gateway in USA makes it easier for businesses to accept online payments and get the payment approved by the banks (that issue the payment). A payment gateway is vital in online businesses, such as e-commerce, and it helps in transferring all the relevant information about each transaction that takes place between the payment portal and bank.

Customers are the backbone of any business and you can grow your customer base only if you can instill trust & confidence among them. With your merchant account and payment gateway integration, you can boost trust among your customers and motivate them to shop from your store whenever they need to.

 Some of the greatest benefits of integrating credit card payment gateway in USA include secure transactions, safe payments, increased customer base, faster payment processing, added convenience, etc.  

Data encryption technology makes accepting payments through online credit card processing in USA 100% secure. Data is encrypted as the user enters his/her credit card details via the secure payment gateway and decrypted only at the payment gateway at the recipient’s end. Irrespective of your business category, you can accept credit card payments through your credit card processing merchant account. Contact Payment USA to help you start accepting payments online via your fully secure and safe online credit card merchant processing account.



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