Step By Step Guide For Google Ads Campaign – Boost Your Reach With Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience and improve your conversion rates without taking much of your time. Suppose you are the one who has just started off with the online marketing journey and is expecting quick results. In that case, you must frame strategies for the optimum, effective, and efficient working of your Google Ads Campaign to make your business reach new heights in almost no time.

In this article, You will be briefed about what impact Google Advertisements have in our daily life and how digital marketers are leveraging the powers of the same.

There are undoubtedly many options available in the market for you to market your offerings to a vast pool of audience. Some of them are free, like Search Engine Optimization, but most of them are paid. One of the excellent benefits of advertising your products with Google Ads is that you will get not only the most impromptu results but also a chance to clearly and relatively narrow targeting of your audience, improving your opportunity to increase and enhance your ultimate conversion rates.

Before starting off with another critical aspect of Google Ads Campaign, let me educate you all about what all elements of Google ads can help you with.

  • You can easily enjoy the benefits of the wider reach and search scope of the world’s largest search engine. Around 305 billion searches for their queries on Google on a daily basis. Imagine the pool of audience you are getting for targeting.
  • Deciding your daily budget and bidding system or strategies is in your hands only. SO you don’t really have to force yourself to spend more and that too unnecessarily.
  • You can reach out to the right customers at the right time and that too, without having to compromise on your budget and the quality of your ad campaigns.
  • Get yourself some significant and quick results than almost all the branches of internet marketing.

Moreover, you can simply not deny the fact that many website owners prefer Search Engine Optimization to drive quality traffic to your website because it is for free. However, you cannot get all the good things in one packet. SEO is free but takes a considerable amount of time to bring results. Still, Google Ads, on the other hand, will ask you to pay an amount of costing peanuts but will quickly get you some fantastic results.

 I am not denying the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Still, as per my research and sayings, I would recommend you to invest in Google Ads campaign along with getting the SEO functional, so that buy time, SEO will be ready to fetch results, you will be already getting a lot from Google ads.

In this article, I have prepared a step-by-step guide for Google Ads. so without taking much of your time, let us just begin.

Step By Step Guide For Google Ads Campaign

  • Create an account: The first and foremost step in setting up a Google Ads Campaign is to create an account. Creating Google’s Ads account involves no rocket science. It is as simple as signing up for any other account. It is the most effortless step to be done in order to set up an ad campaign that is going to help your business reach new heights.

  • Creating a Google ads campaign: The next and most crucial step is to start creating a Google ads campaign. Once you have made your account, you are now expected to move onto your main dashboard. You will soon find an option that reads “create a campaign” in the left-hand side column of the dashboard. Post that you will see a plus sign and you have to click on that.

 The plus sign here means creating a new ad campaign. Proceeding a little further, you will see an option to get your goals decided. Goals here means what the ultimate aim of your Google Ads Campaign is. It could be different for different people and organizations. It can vary from counting the conversion rate to compel customers to visit your physical store. Hence, you must have your goal clear in your mind in order to avoid last-minute chaos. It is important to note that for most of the businesses, the ultimate aim is converting quality traffic to leads.

After you have decided your goal, now comes the time to select which campaign type you want to use for your ad campaigns. You can choose from primarily 4 types of movements – display, search, shopping or video campaigns.

  • Define your target audience: After you have decided your campaign type, then it is finally time for you to define your target audience strategically. The first step in determining your campaign audience is to set an audience name. Moreover, you simply cannot afford to unselect the network audience because if you do, your ad will be shown to a lot of people costing you money that is not bringing any benefits or returns. Once done with this, You will now select the location in which you want your ad to be displayed. It also offers you an option to target your audience based on the radius.

  • Decide the budget: Once you have defined your audience and the location they must be residing in, it is now time for the most important thing, and that is the budget. Budget is the second most crucial thing when it comes to Google Adwords. Before selecting and finalizing the budget cap, it is highly recommended to do your internal calculations.


  • Bidding Strategy: After your budget cap has been determined, the next step is to evaluate the best bidding strategy as per your campaign type, goal, and undoubtedly the defined budget. There are two bidding strategies available on the ad set. The first one is standard bidding, and the other one is accelerated bidding. As the name suggests, standard bidding is as good as manual bidding, which means it takes all the essential aspects of your bidding strategies into consideration before setting up a bid cap. While the accelerated method will quickly show up your ads and exhaust your bidding budget quickly. Hence, you must always select the standard bidding strategies.

Then it is now time for one of the most crucial steps, and that is to decide the bidding strategies or KPIs. In this step, you are expected to determine whether you want to pay for each click, impressions, conversions, or views. Here, the ball is in your court, and that is how you must get your things sorted and deciding the best strategy that you can feel will fetch you the best results without having to dig big holes in your pockets.

  • Adding Ad extensions: Then comes the evaluation of the best ad extensions. There are quite a few ad extensions available for you in order to select the one that best determines and serves your purpose.
  • Keyword research and creating Ad Sets: Once done with setting up the Ad extensions, it is now time to do your keyword research and preparation of the Ad Sets. in order to create the most effective and efficient ad sets, it is now recommended you to try multiple permutations and combinations in order to get the most of it.

  • Publish the ad: The last but not the least step in designing a strategically planned and executed Google Ads Campaign is to publish the ad.


I am hoping that the above briefly described step by step guide would have helped you in designing and executing a competitive Google Ads Campaign that can take your business boosted with Google Ads CAmpaign.