Strategies For Winning Binary Options


Whether it is to get rich or to make ends meet, all traders are motivated to earn as much money as possible with good investments. Binary option trading allows you to make substantial profits on the condition of following a good training, getting a good binary options signal, and applying precise strategies. A brief overview of the different binary option trading methods and training alternatives available on the market.

Method For Monitoring Trends

This is the first method that you can learn during training with a broker. It is a fairly simple trading method that gives good results on a short-term binary option trading day. You can apply it on the classic binary option or speed trading (60 seconds, 90 seconds and 120 seconds).

The principle is simple: observe the variations in the curve of an asset and find regular upward or downward trends. You then have to place positions following these trends. It is advisable to use a candlestick graph with the increases in green and the decreases in red. Also, use the risk management option for an early sale of your position in the event of an abrupt change in trend. The amounts placed are constant and must be regular unless you have detected a certain trend.

Martingale Strategy Applied To Binary Options

It is a method with high risk-taking. It can empty your balance but also make you win big and quickly. The principle is to trade as usual with the binary options of your choice. The method is suitable for classic trading, fast trading or long term trading. It is at the level of the amounts placed (the bets) that everything is done. The principle of the martingale is to double the amount placed after each loss until a gain is obtained. If you win you keep the initial bet amount. If you lose, you double the amount wagered on the next position. This technique allows you to quickly redo after a series of losing positions with a single winning position. 

Robot And Social Trading

Trading robots and social trading are often put on the same level because it involves following the expertise of more advanced traders. In the case of a robot, these are analysts who have developed an automated trading system. You have to buy a license to use the software or activate the robot by registering with a partner broker to benefit from automatic trading. 

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