Top 10 companies for a hospital that monitors patient

Patient tracking systems have gained popularity as hospitals are eyeing constant surveillance to enhance patient outcomes and care delivery. The top ten vendors providing patient tracking system facilities with the help of healthcare metrics, messaging, mobile device integration, and in-home focused monitoring are as follows:

  1. Boston Scientific, Latitude NXT: It is an in-home patient monitoring system that sends data like blood pressure, cardiac monitor, weight scales, etc to the doctors at scheduled timings. This monitor connected device is hands-free.
  2. Biotronik: It is a cardiac home monitoring tool for early detection of cardiac health risk. It is connected to a Cardiomessenger to collect the vitals of the patient and send it to the patient’s provider.
  3. Honeywell, Genesis Touch: It collects the patient’s biometric and transmits it to the remotely located providers. The device can host video visits and can provide access to multiple health providers.
  4. Medtronic: The vital sync monitoring platform integrates patient information to hospital server and helps to remotely monitor patients breathing or deteriorating condition through telemetry to surveillance monitoring.
  5. Sequence health: It unifies the monitoring system if various hospitals under a single wireless network. It allows centralization and decentralization of patient monitoring.
  6. Philips Healthcare care: The EncorePro 2 presents the patient data in the convenient dashboard and it gets updated automatically when the patient’s condition changes.
  7. Nihon Koden, Aware: It is an alarm management system that helps the providers to detect experiencing health risk and demanding immediate attention.
  8. Spacelabs Healthcare: The Xhibit is a remote monitoring platform that allows customized monitoring for patient’s need through monitors or wearables.
  9. A&D Medical: The remote monitoring apps and devices keep the provider and family informed about the patient’s health condition.
  10. St. Jude Medical: It is a patient care network with the transmitter to enhance communication between provider and remotely located patients.

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