Top app marketing trends of 2020

Consumers spend most of their time on mobile and internet. Every organization needs to develop mobile app advertising which helps them to maximum growth and to reach the targeted audience. The mobile app industry is the leading sector which is growing at a rapid rate. 

Let’s talk about the top app marketing trends:-


  • Augmented reality & virtual reality: AR and VR make a splash. Facebook and Instagram made major moves towards pushing the whole world into AR and VR. You are even run AR ads on Instagram. The more these kinds of digital interactions made, the more people will expect it. The big players in the market are moving into AR and VR. App store also starting a feature a lot more AR and VR apps.


  • Dynamic content formats: In today’s app marketing, content is the king. It is significant to deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time. Marketing automation will give enhanced visibility into data and possible outcomes.
  • App store ratings and review’s increased importance: Apps have become an important aspect through which consumers connect with the brand. Brands have to compete in these app stores to increase their mobile presence. Ultimately, tools are now proceeded to manage their app store presence. It enables companies to manage app reviews and ratings. The platform can be assembled with support and messaging systems to quickly respond to reviews. By capably managing their app store reputation, companies can effectively make sure their apps will get better visibility. They have the capability for higher download and conversion rates.
  • Transparency about security practices: cyber-attacks are widely present in the app space. Vulnerabilities in the operating systems leave users exposed to potential hacks. Many apps are developed to be stealing data from users. Users are becoming more discerning about the security of the apps they use. Rules are also helping promote security as an important factor for users to consider especially with privacy regulations.
  • More competition: competition in app development becomes a barrier for small companies to enter in mobile app marketing. Luckily, app builders are now becoming widely available to permit even non-coders to develop and publish their apps. Now, it let small business owners enter the app market. It will enhance competition among apps. Companies have to struggle to improve over the products, services and experiences.
  • Fraud protection: security issues are present in every app. Both android and iOS platforms have been attacked by many viruses. Users become more aware of the security of the apps they are going to use. An app which has the tag of a safe and secure app which respects the privacy of users will be a premium app for users. Businesses can use scanners to check security.

Marketers need to analyze the importance of having the right strategy to promote the advertised app in the market. They need to differentiate their app to have a high ranking in the app store. 

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