What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing has become one of the fastest growing trends globally. It is a never ending path in terms of the online marketing field, and companies need to adapt to this new scenario.

The trend of social media marketing is to bring consumers closer together and to create relationship bonds. In modern digital marketing, social networks are the ideal channel for generating these contact points. And that is why the number of companies that seek social media to promote their products is increasing. Many e businesses and brands are now using local marketing agencies in their area for better gains via face to face consultation. For example Social Media Agency Bali is a search term example of how you could find a company located in indonesia that specialises in this type of marketing.

Social media marketing: is it worth it?

Social media marketing is a method that can help determine strategies on social networks, it can be used as a tool that promotes a brand, advertises products or services. Some classify social media marketing in the display ads category, which works differently from other channels such as search marketing. Without a doubt, investment in marketing on social networks brings return. All you need is a professional digital marketing agency which is specialized in social media service.

It is just another channel of dissemination to be used. And therefore, it must be appropriately evaluated and contextualized in the general panorama of the companies’ digital marketing strategy. Through it, you can approach consumers more effectively and know their needs and desires more directly. It is thus facilitating not only the creation of more efficient strategies for brand promotion but also the knowledge about the public that we want to impact. One point that you must emphasize is that a marketing strategy on social networks requires a maturation period. And for this reason, it is considered a medium and long term action, since relationships are not created overnight.

The four steps of a social media marketing plan

If you want to increase your results, you will need a plan. Your marketing plan on social platforms has to be clearly defined before you publish your first tweet. But do you know where to start?

Set goals to gain presence on social networks

The first step to create a marketing plan is to break down what you want to achieve. Without goals, you can’t tell if what you’re doing will work or measure the return on investment. The idea is that your social media objectives respond to the general goals of your company. To set goals that make sense, remember the 5 key point below, as we call them “SMART”:

  • Specific.
  • Measurable.
  • Attainable.
  • Relevant.
  • Time-bound.

The second point is critical in determining the success of the project. Instead of focusing on indicators(likes or comments), think about KPIs that have a real impact on the business.

Using social media to jump-start your content marketing strategy ...

Learn everything you can about your audience

If you know the recipients of your communication in-depth, you can create content that makes them fall in love. It’s a much inbound philosophy. That is, creating messages or content that attract their interest and value. Also, this will help guide you on the path to conversion. Look for real data on the profile of users from different networks and the analytics on your page. It will not only help you refine your strategy but also be more effective in launching advertising on social networks.

Research the competition

Your competitors are more than likely to be using social media planning. This means you can learn from their actions and make use of these tips for your marketing plan. Doing a competitive analysis will help you understand who your competitors are and what they are doing well. You will have a global image of what are the expectations of users in your sector, and you can adapt to them. An analysis will also help in creating opportunities and spots for your business in the market.

Do a social media audit.

In this step, the key points of a social media network analysis will be outlined.

  • Find out who is connecting with your brand on the network
  • Find your target audience and check what social media network is working best
  • Compare your presence on social networks to the competition

Once this information has been gained, you can then use it to see how to make improvements to your social media marketing plan.


Developing a marketing plan is an essential step to be considered before starting your efforts. Social networks are an ever changing environment, so you will have to adapt to the habits of users. Therefore, you should include in your plan continual checks and create tests that analyze what your audience is doing and see how you can continue to improve.

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