What You Need to Know About Network Maintenance

Business owners must follow careful strategies for maintaining their network and keeping their data safer. A network administrator completes tasks every day to avoid compromised security schemes and prevent cyber attacks. However, consultants could help the company find problem areas that are more profound threats to their organization. 

Install All Updates and Upgrades Properly

The network administrator installs all updates and upgrades according to the current needs of the network. Developers sent out alerts when there are new updates and patches for software such as the operating system. These updates prevent vulnerabilities, and developers create fixes any time a known vulnerability is discovered. This prevents customers from facing cyber-attacks through compromised areas of the software’s coding.  

Keep a Log of All Changes

The network administrator must keep a log of all changes they made to the network and list what changes were made. This is the most effective way to keep track of all changes and risk mitigation tasks. It gives the administrators and consultants a way to review what steps the network administrator took to protect the network and keep the customer data out of the wrong hands. They can check for problems related to ports, failed encryption, and any other problems that could arise while operating a business network.  

Follow All Developer Instructions

In the warranty documents for software, the network administrator will find necessary maintenance tasks they must perform to keep the warranty. These tasks could include loading and installing patches or upgrades. They could also include simple changes that must be completed to ensure that all software works properly with the equipment such as downloading and installing certain drivers for peripherals. Business owners can find out more about these programs by visiting a site like https://www.viavisolutions.com/en-us/ptv/solutions/network-performance-monitoring right now. 

Updating Licensing to Maintain Services 

When purchasing software, the business must pay for a specific number of licenses. These licenses must be renewed according to the developer’s specifications. If they are not, the company cannot use the latest version of the software. This could increase issues for the company if the licenses are not managed appropriately. It’s best to keep a close eye on expiration dates and ensure the full use-value of all software purchased by the company for its workers to use. 

Change Policies that Aren’t Securing the Network Properly

The network administrator assesses current policies and defines when it is time to make changes. For example, if the workers are using the internet for non-business purposes, the administrator may need to limit permissions to prevent a virus from getting into the system. Unsafe websites have viruses and malware that could affect the entire network. Administrators alter policies to prevent unauthorized use of resources.  

Business owners hire consultants to help them find problem areas in their network. Administrators complete a variety of tasks each year and ensure that customer data is safe. But even an administrator with a keen eye for detail could overlook a problem. Consultants don’t review the network every day, and they will find problems faster. Working with an IT consultant helps businesses keep the data safer. 

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