Why Restaurant Marketer Should Rely On The Social Power Of Influencers?


When marketing a local Hong Kong restaurant or cafe, in a marketer’s mind she should be telling herself to utilize the influence power of the local Hong Kong Instagram influencers, food bloggers, and food lovers. The approaches you use may include local offline marketing and online digital marketing.

  • The first approach involves getting good looking photos.
  • The second approach is to have things share on social media by both influencers and all other people who are interested.

Get good looking pictures of the food that are sold in your restaurant or café in Hong Kong, especially the ones that are made at your restaurants and cafe. Without a good photo of the food or dish, it is hard for any customer or potential customer to simply imagine the dish. The actions to follow should include:

  • Have the photos published on your website, blog and your business Instagram account. Photos make it very easily shareable across social media. So the viral marketing effect is not limited to locally Hong Kong, but everywhere in the world (in theory).
  • One part of life for many people is to visit restaurants. Many people went to a HK restaurant (nearby their homes) and would take their own photos of your dishes or food. They would post their own photos on their Instagram accounts or Facebook accounts. Their friends could easily like or comment their photos. The responses give the particular social media’s algorithms a sign to display and push the published messages to more people.

Identify the key food that customers love most, and you should be marketing these food to new customers and/or potential customers. There is always a story behind each key food or dish. You want to tell your Hong Kong customers and tourists about the stories, and you want them to remember the stories and later spread the stories to their friends, families, or colleagues.

  • Make a plan to write stories that are behind the food. You are the person who understands and back-and-forth of the food stories, so you can either write it yourself, or hire a freelance copywriter to do the copywriting and editing.
  • The text copy that is written may be published on your business blog, and you may ask your friends and business partners to repost and share on their blogs.
  • The written story may be read out loud and recorded as an audio file. It can then be shared on podcast sites.
  • Again, with the written format, you can set up a camera (usually your phone as a camera nowadays), and shoot a video while reading out loud the story. You will then publish this video on Youtube, and have it re-shared on other video sites/apps.

When you are able to share across Youtube, podcast sites, and blogs, your marketing effect is not bound by being locally in Hong Kong, but it gets global reach. This is exactly what the marketer has aimed for in the first place in her digital marketing plan.